Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes, I said, Yes I will yes!

So we answered that million euro question on the global political 'who wants to be a millionaire' show. We answered 'Yes', and we were Joycean to boot! Yes I said yes I will yes yes! Like a prostrate goddess pleasuring herself with the dildos of false hope, we opened our legs to the European commission. Take me, oh please take me, for if you don't I shall perish on the shores of Europe! Nothing like a good financial crisis to hoodwink the distressed rabble. The yes vote puts us 'at the centre of Europe'! Now we will have 'economic recovery', the barrage of lies and disinformation was spectacularly pinocchian. Since the beginning of the so-called Lisbon Treaty debate, those who were willing to discuss the details of the Treaty were subject to apriori exclusion; they were accussed of being 'parochial' 'backward' and 'anti European'.

We have now ratified the principal that reduces mankind to a commodity for exchange. The princical advocating the free movement of capital has superceded the dignity of man. Human being has now become human capital. In the months and years ahead we will see a new Europe emerge as European societies are surepticiously strangled by the banking interests of the world oligarchy; that is to say the emerging dictatorship of elite financial capitalism over the entire spectrum of human life.

Decisions will be made behind closed doors. This is already the case. Most legislation in the EU is decided in secretive 'trilogues' between the council, the comission and the EU parliament. Many of the 'policies' and global strategies of the EU are also discussed in private. The Trilateral Commision was formed in 1972 and was intented to be a 'think tank' of the US, European and Japanese elites, in other words a platform upon which the elites of the industrial world could manipulate democracies to further their lust for power. US senator Barry Goldwater was quite frank about the purpose of the commission when he said "The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the U.S." The same can be said for Europe today.
But as history has shown, when there is is plutocracy ( rule by wealth) there is always polemocracy ( rule by war). It is no surprise then to see that we are now moving towards the United States of Europe, shamelessly subtending our vast wealth with the military domination of other countries. Article 17(2) of the Lisbon Treaty concerns EU SOFA, the European Union Status of Forces Agreement. This is the blueprint for an EU army to be deployed wherever the Eurocrats decide is necessary to protect 'Europe's interests' The EU army will simply be the European company of the New World Order army, ie NATO. Needless to say, a pressing problem for the EU army will be domestic terrorism, as it was for Italian, German and Belgian government's in the 1970s ( gli anni di piombo, the years of weight in Italian) when NATO used fascist gangs to infiltrate so-called 'marxist' organisations to place bombs in metros killing hundreds of innocent civilians. The purpose was to strengthen the power of EU right wing governments by discrediting the left. It worked. Operation Gladio, as it was called, has never been fully investigated or debated by the European Commission. But it did happen and it will happen again whenever it is deemed necessary to curb democratic movements or drum up support for EU foreign military adventures.
Emmanuel Barroso once said that the EU is really an 'unimperial empire'. Perhaps a fitting synonym would be an 'undemocratic democracy.'!

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