Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to impose sactions on the US and Israel

They never change, those Western bullies, USA,UK and France. 6 years after the 21st century's first genocide, namely the Iraq war, and the Western powers are ranting and raving about Iran's so-called 'nuclear' weapons ambitions. Having told us a big lie about Saddam's 'weapons of mass destruction' a few years ago, they now feel they call lie again and get away with it. It's quite easy. All you have to do is make pompous press releases threatening to bomb Iran that are predicated upon some serious and imminent threat from that wicked and barbaric land in the east. Once the nonsense is diffused repeatedly throughout our pathetic 'free press', people will eventually get the message: It's ok to drop bombs on Iran!

The nasty prejudice that premeates this propaganda campaign against Iran is that "they are all fanatics" or "those mullahs are a threat to civilisation" "imagine the threat to international security if an Islamic state got its hands on nuclear weapons!" Of course, we never talk about Israel in this fashion in spite of the fact that they have an arsenal of nukes, illegally to boot, and the fact that they regularly use weapons of mass destruction regardless of the loss of life; or the fact that Israel is a denominational state where non-jews are automatically second-class citizens, or that it it is Israel which poses a threat to peace in the Middle East, not Iran.

President Obama's rhetoric about getting tough on Iran is consummate bluff. His own close advisor and mentor Zigibniew Brzezinski has alreay ruled out an Israeli attack on Iran, going so far as to warn that Israeli planes would be shut down if they dared to cross American airspace in their new colony called Iraq. So it looks like 'Theater Iran Near Term' or TIRANNT, the Pentagon's plans to attack Iran using Israel, is off for the 'near term'. Theatre Iran Long Term is going to have to be done with words of wisdom. The Iranians have already made their position clear. They want a comprehensive end to Israel's oppression of the Palestinians; and the right to develop nuclear energy for civilian purposes. The Ayatollah Khameini, echoing Khomeini, has recently reiterated the fact that nuclear weapons are contrary to the dictates of Islam.

So there is no 'threat' from Iran. On the contrary, the threat to international security is coming as usual from the UN security council, that new US- led global dictatorship, the same criminals who starved half a million Iraqis to death during the Oil for Food campaign; the same criminals who have never imposed sanctions on Israel inspite of their crimes against humanity; the same criminals who refuse to allow the files on French and German pharmaceutical companies who sold chemicals to Saddam in the 1980s(in full knowledge of their purpose) when the US persuaded him to invade Iran.It is high time we imposed sanctions alright, sanctions on the USA, sanctions on Israel, Britain, and all other warmongers of the past ten years!

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