Sunday, August 07, 2011

The ongoing Zionist destruction of Syria

For the past five months, Syria has been the victim of armed gangs, emanating from Iraq, Lebanon,Jordon, Turkey and Israel. These islamist terrorists have been murdering protestors, army personnel and police. They have been committing heinous crimes against humanity, including rape, mutilation, canibalism and ritual human sacrifice. The terrorists are being coordinated by the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, who have had close links to British and American intelligence for many years.

The Wahabite terrorists are assets of Western intelligence agencies, who are providing logistic support, training, and an advanced disinformation campaign using social media in conjunction with global corporate television stations. Many of the psychopaths now terrorising the Syrian population have come from American military bases across the border in Iraq, where they have been trained.

All of this has been thoroughly documented by the Syrian authorities and independent journalists and researchers from various countries. Yet, the corporate media continues to publish lies and disinformation on a daily basis to prepare public opinion for 'humanitarian intervention' in Syria.

The French media is at the forefront of this information war with Zionist ideologues Bernard Henry Lévi and his minions pushing for more French military interventions in countries hostile to the interests of Tel Aviv.

Syria has been on the frontline of the resistance to U.S/Zionist imperialism for decades. Although it has many economic and governmental problems, Syria is a modern, secular democracy which provides its citizens with free health care, free education and strong protection and promotion of women's rights. In fact, Syria has been the home for thousands of refugees fleeing Zionist terror in Iraq and Palestine. Many Iraqis are treated free of charge in Syrian hospitals.

Syria does not recognise the state of Israel.It supports Palestinian liberation and is a strong advocate of a multi-polar world based on international law.
Unlike its corrupt Arabic neighbours, who have been capitulating to Israeli demands since 1948, Syria insists on the right of return for Palestinian refugees and the evacuation of all occupied- Arab lands by the zionist entity.

That is why the U.S, France,Uk and Israel, that is to say, the Atlantic Zionist Alliance wants to turn Syria into Iraq and wipe it off the face of the earth under the false banner of 'human rights' 'democracy' 'freedom' etc. Progressive intellectuals the world over know this, yet the vast majority of working people who read print journalism and watch programmed radio and television remain under the sophisticated perceptual grip of Zionist propaganda.

But the censorship and disinformation is most extreme in the Atlantic alliance countries as it is they who are now leading the drive towards world war. Readers of Russian, Spanish or Arabic tend to be more informed about these matters. For example, in Syria one has access to all media outlets, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, New York Times etc. Yet most Syrians trust their own national media channels.

However, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, and other sateline stations linked to US and British intelligence have had a corrosive impact on the minds of many Syrian youth. Many of the Syrian protestors are young people who have grown up watching Al Jazeera, the news station of the British/US-backed Qatari dictatorship. It should be said that not all of those protesting are engaging in such wanton violence. The CIA strategy in Syria is to infiltrate terrorists into the crowds, professional snipers who fire on the police and protestors. This creates confusion and chaos and makes it particularly difficult for the regime to mangage the situation. This is classic CIA destabilisation.

In fact, similar methods were used in the past. In 1989 in Romania, the CIA sent groups of terrorists into Timisoara to shoot on unarmed protestors. Bodies were taken from morgues, photographed en mass and presented to the media as proof that the Romanian leader was 'killing his own people'. In the video below, you can see exactly how this was achieved and the French and American intelligence officers are surprisingly honest about their role in training and directing terrorism against the people of Romania.

The true story of the Romanian counter-revolution was covered in Le Monde Diplomatique many years ago. They did not doubt then the truth about the role of US and French intelligence in the mass murder of Romanian civilians.But they are dead silent today as a much larger, more savage operation is underway against Libya and Syria.

Although AL Jazeera/English initially gained credibility for allowing more criticism of Israel, the Qatari newstation has played a key role in the Zionist destabilisation of Syria and the ongoing crimes against humanity being committed by the NATO terrorists against the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahirya. They have actively encouraged the armed rebellion of the Sanusist, Salafist counter-revolutionaries of Benghazi against the Libyan government and have refused to air the views of the majority of the Libyan people who support Colonel Gaddafi.

In short, Al Jazeera represents the interests of the Qatari monarchy, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and their Western backers, Israel/UK/U.S.
Although false leftists such as Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk and others are still clinging to Al Jazeera as a credible TV station, progressive humanity is resisting this final onslaught of Western imperialism, and there are less and less people reading the sophisticated disinformation of the above-mentioned fraudsters.

The video below is from Telesur, a Venezuelan television station. In Venezuela, the government supports independent media, while the corporate oligarchies control most of the mainstream press. The mainstream media in Venezuela is largely funded by US tax dollars taken from the American working class, in order to keep the interests of America's ruling class protected worldwide by shaping the opinions of millions of people. The mainstream media in Venezuela is violently anti-Chavez and pro-American. Such distain and open bias against the elected president of a nation would not be tolerated in any other country in the world.

The Venezuelan state-media is grass-roots and serves the interests of the general public. From my last trip to Venezuela, I can say that the working classes of that country are among the best informed in the world. One can have a far deeper conversation about international politics with a shopkeeper, or factory worker in Caracas than some of the most distinguished students and professors of our European universities. That is because they have a press which serves the public interest.

Since the start of the war against Libya and the covert war against Syria, Telesur have had reporters on the ground in both countries who have been reporting the truth on the atrocities committed by the NATO backed terrorists. In spite of over three months of war and horror in Libya and covert war against Syria, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that proves what these protests are about, the "Irish Anti-War movement" continues to support the NATO-backed contras in Libya and to denounce the government of Bashir-al-Assad in Syria.

These Monty-Python lefists are a credit to their historical lord and patron Leon Trotsky. As Lenin said of Trotsky "What a swine this Trotsky is — Left phrases and a bloc with the Right . . ! He ought to be exposed” (Lenin, CW #35 285)
The Irish 'left' are nothing but a foolish circus of petit-bourgeois Trotskyites, who are true to the anti-intellectual, anti-revolutionary antics of their historical heroes. Their bumptiousness and inspissated stupidity have turned them into a serious obstacle to a genuine people's peace movement.

Análisis de la situación en Siria par teleSUR_tv


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Es triste ver lo que sucede aqui se explicaba años antes que
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