Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Democracy Now loves the CIA's Dalai Lama!

The independent media station Democracy Now is one of the most well known 'progressive' media outlets. However, the news station has shown a startling blindness when it comes to investigating covert CIA activities. This is quite apparent from its coverage of lesser known geo-political problems and genocides caused by the United States and its allies such as the Darfur crisis, a US destabilization campaign to control Sudanese oil resources, the Rwandan genocide carried out by Pentagon-trained dictator Paul Kagame with full US backing,and of course Tibet.

Here once again Democracy Now has done its job of steering the 'left' into ideologically confused waters. Amy Goodman enthusiastically greets the Tibetan despot and CIA agent the Dali Lama with fawning questions concerning peace and human rights.The Tibetan 'exiled community' and their descendants are of course experts on questions concerning peace and human rights having enslaved and brutalized the entire Tibetan population for centuries before the arrival of the Chinese Liberation Army in 1950. One would almost suspect from Mrs Goodman's tone that she and the CIA's old tyrant in robes have some deep 'spiritual' connection.

Notice the imperious attitude of the Dalai Lama towards his servile interpreter!Tibet's spiritual leader displays a decidedly poor command of English to boot.Having spent years outside his native land, traveling the world spreading the 'message' of Tibetan buddhism, earning over 200,000 dollars from the CIA per annum for terrorist activities against the Chinese government, one would think the least he could do is employ the services of a competent teacher.Oh, I beg your pardon your holiness, I meant language serf!

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