Monday, June 07, 2010

Lukashenko. Europe's last democrat

There is no other nation in Europe so maligned and demonised as Belarus. Since the pronouncement of former US Secretary of State Condolezza Rice in 2008 calling the democratically elected president of the country “Europe’s last dictator”, the image and reputation of this noble country has been callously tarnished.
Belarus is deeply familiar with the notion of dictatorship. They, more than any other country, suffered the worst of Nazi atrocities during World War 11.Belorussia has always been a multicultural country with Jews, Christians and Muslims living side by side for centuries. This deep tolerance for cultural and religious differences is still celebrated in Belarus today. Yet the European Union, Israel and their mafia don the United States, never cease from spreading atrocious lies and disinformation concerning the Republic of Belarus. This is because Belarus is a social democracy which refuses to take orders from the IMF, the World Bank and their geopolitical manifestations in the form of the United States, the European Union and their numerous vassel-states.

Unlike the crony regimes in Ireland, Romania, Poland and other states, you will not find complicity in crimes against humanity in Belarus. There are no CIA stop-overs like Shannon, no CIA run -prisons where innocent people are incarcerated without trial or due process and tortured. Unlike Poland, you will not find Belarussian shock troops in Iraq. Unlike Ireland, you will not find Belarussian ‘military advisors’ in the illegal occupation of Afghanistan. Belarussians will pay for their oil and energy resources unlike the US and NATO who will bomb and occupy all of Central Asia and most likely Iran in order to get control of oil and gaz under the pretext of ‘security'.

President Lukashenko, whose salary amounts to a modest 17,000 Euro per year, has no connections to multi-national corporations unlike the crooks in the US and the EU who accuse him of ‘human rights’ violations, corruption and ‘electoral fraud’.
Under Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus has enjoyed some of the highest living standards in the former Soviet Union with little over 1 percent unemployment. But, of course, this constitutes a severe violation of human rights. But isn’t Lukashenko the man who praised Hitler in an interview with the German paper Handelsblatt in 1995? Is that the anti-Semitic guy who called a Jewish town a pigsty. No my dear reader. That is most definitely not he! The interview with Dr. Martin Zeiner was cleverly mistranslated to include references to Hitler. This was confirmed by the interviewer himself who said “"a tape of the interview had been quoted out of context and with the sequence of comments altered” Only an idiot would fall for such lies and only scoundrels like the BBC would repeat them.

Lukachenko is a communist and has spoken out against fascism on numerous public occasions. As for anti-Semitism and the pig-sty comment, the Belarussian president was actually praising the Jews. What he was trying to say is that Belarus is trying to encourage Jews to stay and that the town in question which once had a thriving Jewish community, is now a pigsty since they left for Israel. In spite of the fact that the chief Rabbi of Belarus has praised the Belarussian president for his kindness to the Jewish community, the EU and the US seem to think that Lukachenko is ‘anti-Semitic’ and also opposes ‘free media’. In 2000, a synagogue in Minsk was the victim of an arson attack from a racist group. This patsy group claims to be pro-Lukachenko. They are one of the many groups financed by the United States. When the president condemned the attack and outlawed their racist publications, the US and the EU condemned him for ‘cracking-down’ on the ‘free media’

The list of accusations against the Belarus president is impressive and shows just how effective the agents of capitalism are at destroying social democracies. For example, Amnesty International, whose former board director was US national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, published a report accusing the Belarus President of countless ‘human rights’ violations. Among the absurd claims made by Amnesty International is that the scientist Yury Bandazhevsky is a ‘prisoner of conscience’ He was arrested and charged for accepting bribes from student’s parents. This is a crime for which he was justly punished.
As for the arrest of members from so-called ‘opposition groups’ Zubr and Kmara, it is a well-documented fact that these groups are financed by the United States, who has declared itself an enemy of Belarus. The financing of opposition groups in the United States by state openly hostile to the US government is illegal, with the notable exception of Israel. I haven’t seen any Amnesty International criticism of this.

The Belaurus government has also been accused of internet censorship and media control.Th is claim is absolute nonsense. The Open Net Initiative carried out a study recently to see if the claims about Internet censorship were true. They found “found no evidence of systematic and comprehensive interference with the Net. Any regime-directed tampering that may have taken place was fairly subtle, causing disruptions to access, but never turning off the alternative information tap”
Much of this misinformation concerning the Belarus media comes from Reporters Without Borders, another phony US-funded pressure group which targets any government who does not support the Washington Consensus. Reporters Without Borders rarely criticise the totalitarian control exercised by corporations over the media in the United States.

The US finances over 300 ‘pro-democracy’ NGOs in Belarus whose job is to spread neo-liberal dictatorship and fascism to a population happy with the system they have. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Micheal Kozak as US ambassador to Belarus. Kozak is a great champion of human rights. He oversaw the ‘humanitarian’ massacres of the US –trained contra rebels in Nicaragua under the Reagan regime. The contras slaughtered entire villages killing over 30,000 innocent men, women and children. Kozak later told the London Times that the the US ‘democracy’ mission in Belarus would be similar to those in Nicaragua. The EU is firmly behind the US mission threatening sanctions and spreading lies about repression and electoral fraud. But as we in Ireland know too well, the EU seems to have a problem with election results it doesn’t like. So what can we say about Lukashenko? He is anti-racist, anti-war, anti-corruption, pro-democracy and pro-freedom. Yep, he’s definitely Europe’s last dictator!

The problem with Belarussians is that they just don’t understand what we Europeans mean by liberty, democracy and ‘European values’. But don’t worry, we’ll teach them!

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